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Earning Customers = Having Friends!
 monsterproducktionz 10/17/11 12:39:46 comments 0


Learning the balance between a company's goals and receiving and outcome, (or an income so to speak) and be difficult at times.  Especially in today's economy.  This blog is to help artists and producers to earn trust in others that you have a product that no one else can offer.

   It took me a long time to find out that friendships are better then "customers".  Easy enough, the words have totally different meanings.  Once you have established the difference between the two, being a company and having friends your business goals are easily met. 

   It is easy to message anyone saying "Check out my music" or "Realest rapper alive.."etc.. That hardly will get you anywhere.  Most of the time people won't read whatever you have to say and will just delete the message.  You are just wasting your time, and time equals money!  There is no key secret in selling your product. (Especially in the music game!)  The only real advice anyone can tell you is that you have to built relationships.  If you been to college or are attending, you learn that the most important thing is networking.  After networking what are you suppose to do? MORE NETWORKING!

   Here is what I did to improve my products and reach my business goals... Browse your friends, (Your real friends) once you get to one that you have a real connection with, look at who they are friends with.  Once you see someone that sparks your mind, click on them.  Do not just add them.  You have to read their info. to see if the person might share the same interests as you.  [Maybe they rap on the same kinda beats, or they live near you]  You have to have something to talk about.  If I find someone who is on my friends list who live in France and only likes techno music... they should not be your target.  For an example:  Say I click on a friend who has 23 mutual friends.  I will then look at the pics.  I am in no way to judge a book by its cover, but if they look poor or like a crack-head, I wont bother them.  Then I see an alright looking artist who then by reading their info. I see that they are affiliated with others in the business.  I always see their first couple of posts and realize that they are just about themselves. (THIS HELPS!)

   By doing this method I have now gained over 33,000 Links to our site MonsterProducktionz. For only being 10 months old, I feel comfortable that we are well on our way of making an impact.  Affiliation is key and being kind and profession is the other half.  Even if I don't make my monthly quota of sells I know that word of mouth and our affiliation links are in motion and next month means more numbers!

  I hope this will bring to light a new concept in making business moves to enlarge your status online.  Always re-post or re-tweet anything someone has said about you and vice-verse.

Why Buy Rap Beats Online?
 Hambo 07/28/11 18:22:39    » Why Buy Beats Online? comments 0

Why Buy Rap Beats Online? If you’re looking to buy rap beats online then you absolutely need to read this article.

You will learn plenty about hip hop beats and how to find beats online. There’s nothing like progress, and the fact you can buy rap beats online is a huge accomplishment!

If you write songs for a living writers block is not something you can afford. This condition can stop you from producing anything of quality for days, weeks or even months. Well the answer could be to buy rap beats online..

Do not dismiss this idea immediately. You probably think that the standard of music available will not be very high but you might be surprised. You will find there are hundreds of full length songs and short loops available. You will not like all of these when you buy rap beats but there will almost certainly be some that impress you.

And because of the vast array of tracks the prices for each one are very reasonable. The more tracks there are the lower the prices become. And as more websites offer this service the price becomes even lower as they try to compete with each other.

To get your first beats online start by visiting all of the sites you can find. Some websites will suit your style more than others so these are the ones where you will find the best tracks. To give you a feel for the type of music on offer most of these sites will let you listen to small samples.

When you have found some sites you like the sound of you want to find a producer that has not put out hundreds of beats. You do not want to buy something that sound almost identical to what many others are doing. Instead you want someone who is producing unique tracks that will help you stand out.

If you have writers block this may help you get past it. Maybe you only write lyrics and need someone else to do the music. You will find that this is the perfect solution for you. Professionals and aspiring hip hop stars can both benefit when they buy rap beats online.

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